Thursday, 7 April 2011

Newark antiques fair, tomorrow

I haven't had my time to go on the 'hunt'! Either car booting or to charity shops.  But Mr BooBoo Kitty has been doing it for me, he has got such a good eye.  Its so nice to have a personal vintage shopper! He knows exactly what i want!  He is in the process of setting up an online etsy shop, promoting himself through facebook and twitter.  But more news of that in a different post.  I shall also show you what his recent finds for me have been in a later post.

Tomorrow, Mr BooBoo Kitty and I will be going to the Newark Antiques fair.  It is a two day event, it started today.  It is the largest fair of its kind in Europe!  It is enormous, 84 acers! with over 4,000 stalls, attracting thousands of dealers from all over Europe.  With its vast number of stands, choice of product is never an issue – there is quite possibly every item you could imagine! From chandeliers and rugs, to sports memorabilia and paintings, not to mention the finest of antique furniture – the possibilities are endless!

I have made a list of what i will be looking out for;

Long neck cats.....already have a massive collection but one can never have too much!

Uranium glass, have a large dressing table set.  But would like more to add to my collection

 Vintage fabric

Handbags, can never have too many!


Full skirts, dresses skirts..

Atomic anything

magazine rack

small tiered table or kidney table


Chance bowels

Tretchikoff style prints

Sewing storage boxes


Celluloid, i have one, would like ti build a collection like this

Red glass, i have quite a few pieces but can never have too much red!

Lave pottery, reds n oranges.  Mr BooBoo Kitty found one at a car bootie for next to nothing.  i had never been a fan before but they go quite well in our lounge.

Kitch cruet sets, again more to add to my collection.

Vintage cat eye specs, I have a couple of pairs already but want more to add to my collection

Sewing bits

40s hats

Atomic style lamp for living room

Light shades

Old sewing patterns
 Women's magazines

Bar accessories

Drinks glasses

 Ppphhewww! That's allot of things to purchase on my £100 budget!!!


  1. Wish I had pennies to go! sounds fantastic.

  2. OMG on the bakelite photo! Almost dropped dead....

  3. Come Emma!

    Next one is 9th and 10th June.

    Soo excited!!!

  4. Eek! This is uncanny, I've just found your blog and am scrolling through this post going, Yep, Yes, lovely, LOVE, me too - you are totally a girl after my own heart. I would so go for handbags (of course), barware, 50s dresses, atomic stuff, 50s dresses (heart), fabric, bangles...well, you get the idea. How did you do? I'm following now and want to know what lovelies you found.

    I spend a lot of time in charity shops myself, as you might be able to tell from the name of my blog - wouldn't those things just make the dream charity shop interior? (all at knock down prices of course)

    Lakota x