Friday, 1 April 2011

Marilyn's Cherry Dress

I am a massive Marilyn fan.  Not the kind that owns a tacky black and white printed bag (you know the sort i mean, yuck) I love every one of her films.  The Misfits was her last full feature film.  Written by Arthur Miller and co starring Clark Gable and Montgomery Cliff.   

When ever i watch an old film (i do this when watching new films too, now that i think about it) I am always armed with a sketch pad!  When i spotted Marilyn's cherry dress i knew i had to make a repoduction.  I made it last summer and wore it all summer long. I am now yerning for the sun to come out again so i can wear it!

Photography by Miss Rain Photography 
Make-Up by,  Ms Moo Make-Up 

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