Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Morning Vintage Finds...

Brrrr my hands are still numb from riffling through boxes and boxes of 'junk' at the car boot.  This morning we got up really early to get their just as it opened.  By the time we got their there was already a massive queue.  Check out those grey skies and dullness..... the lenghts we do to grab a bargain!

In the Cold waiting to get in
I wore my Freddies of Pinewood Jeans, wellies, woolly jumper, black and red plaid jacket... but its was still brrrr cold!

These are my finds....

Tiki style bamboo bangle £1

early 1960s cat eye glasses with original box £3
Marks and Spencer wool skirt £1, shown here from the back
 (pug not included!)

I love early plastics.... and now I finlay have my first piece of celluloid! This wasn't from the car boot sale today and i dint pay car boot prices, unfortunately.  I bought this from a vintage shop in Nottingham.  It dates from the 1920s, its a bit a tight squeeze to get on!

1920s carved celluloid bangle

Token cute pic of my pug and me on the way home :)


  1. You and your pug are adorable! I love your outfit. I wore my wellies this morning to go to brunch at our local pub (well, the closest thing we have to one in Wichita). We've still got snow all over the place.

    Looks like you found some fun stuff! I wish we had car boot sales!

  2. Great finds! And you and your pup are so cute. I love that coat!

  3. Aww i wish the pug was for sale...i really want one!! brilliant bargains too! :)

  4. ♥ your dog! And you have car boots in Feb? Boo Hiss not fair! Ours in Manchester dont start until at least April!

  5. Yeah the one just down the road from me is open all year round! Even when it was snowing! Think the only day it was closed last year was boxing day!

    I went down one day in the snow... there was about five sellers, the regular house clearence guys, got to about 11am and one of the guys went, 'i've had enought of this, its too cold to pack up, you can have the lot for free!' suddenly swarms of people gather round, fighting for stuff in the snow!