Monday, 21 February 2011

Sheffield Vintage Fair, Review

Obligatory photo in the water feature mirrors

More mirror posing!

Arrived into Sheffield on a cold dull and dreary day.  It had been snowing all morning, snowing!!!???! I know! I thought/hoping it was nearly spring.  We walked to the fair through the indoor gardens, a bit of tropical warmth in the middle of a dull grey city.  Steel city they call it, good name for it as everywhere had a tinge of steel grey!
Indoor Rain forest

There were a few designer/makers who made vintage inspired Goodies.  Here are a few from Alice Takes a Trip.

Alice Takes a Trip

Alice Takes a Trip

Freshmans was good for its bargains! I picked up a funky beaded necklace for £1!
Bargains at Freshmans

More bargains

and more bargain. No bakelite hiding in there for 50p unfortunately!!
 Sobaho Vintage had an awesome selection of accessories!

Soboho Vintage, bags

Soboho Vintage, I love these lady masks!

Soboho Vintage, so many broaches!

Soboho Vintage

Curious Cleo had by far the best selection of vintage dresses.  Without coming across as too much of a vintage snob but the other sellers barely had anything older than 1979!  Or maybe it was me just not looking hard enough!  

Curious Cleo had a great slection of dresses from the 40s to the 70s.  In lots of different sizes, i even spotted quite a few plus sizes, I know lots of larger ladies find buying vintage difficult, check out Curious Cleo!  

I ended up buying this early 1960s sundress... bring on summer!

60s sun dress, Curious Cleo

My Outfit for a day of vintage shopping...

Dress, hand made using 50s pattern for the skirt, bodice modified modern pattern
Pearls, Primark
Thistle broach, vintage
Shoes, Office
Bangles, mix of vintage and Primark


  1. Thanks for all the love! Glad you liked my dresses, would love to see a picture of you in your new dress when the weather gets warmer.


  2. Defo! I ve already planned what shoes, belt and necklace to wear.... just have to wait for the weather :s

    I would love to visit your boutique, you were by far the best stall at the fair! I look forward to seeing what more goodies you have for sale! x

  3. Ooh what fun! Love that sundress you picked up. It's making me sooo excited for the vintage clothing expo that's here next weekend. :)

  4. Two too cute dresses! :-) So, are the 80s "vintage"? Do I belong in a museum? Shudder!

  5. Yeh anything over 20 or 25 years is classed as vintage, not in my eyes though, not much of a 80s 90s vintage fan. Prefer things to be older than 60s.

    Yep that makes me vintage too!

  6. Love that sun dress you bought - lovely! The fair looks brilliant. Im keeping my eyes peeled for when we have one in Manchester!


    Should be one in the Spring in Manc!

  8. Your tartan dress is just gorgeous! I love it.