Friday, 11 February 2011

Homage to the King of Hawaii!

Yesterday I wrote about Alfred Shaheen, the king of the 50s Hawaiian sun dress.  You can read the post here...

Today I am going to look at how modern repo brands pay homage to the great man!

Bernie Dexter designed this beautiful wrap dress in two different colour ways especially for BabyGirl Boutique.  It's priced at a very reasonable $89.  I have ordered from Baby Girl Boutique int the past, their shipping charges to the UK are reasonable and it didn't get stuck in customs! :)

Bernie Dexter for Babygirl Tiki Print

Bernie Dexter for Babygirl Tiki Print

The fabric is just divine.  One could mistake it for vintage!
Close up of Bernie's print

Whirling Turban pay ultimate homage to the king, with their beautiful Shaheen Dream Dress.

Whirling Turban's dress is beautiful, you have a wide range of fabrics to chose from, including some beautiful Hawaiian prints.  Each dress is made to order and the best part is that its made in Hawaii! A true slice of the tropics!  

Back to the UK! Despite the dull weather and the miserable rain, the tropical spirit has hit our shores.

Vivien of Holloway have created their own version.  The bodice is the same as their sweat heart necked prom dresses, which can be seen everywhere at the moment.  The fabric isn't as authentic as it could be.... I am not really a fan of Vivien of Holloway to be honest.  I respect the woman and what she has done but I am just not keen on the cuts of her dresses and the fabrics.  This is just my opinion! Price, £99.

Sarong Dress Vivien of Holloway
Vivien of Holloway wrap dress, I am not a fan :(

Another UK label, Tara Starlet.  She has created a cute mix and match Hawaiian set, consisting of a bodice, wrap skirt, shorts and tie top.  Very Cute! Prices £38 to £58.

Love Tara's choice of fabrics.  The mix and match set is totally versatile.  The sarong over your fav black 50s swimsuit on the beach, the bodice or the tie top with a pair of Capri pants or Freddies of Pinewood jeans.... possibilities are endless :)

Tara Starlet Bodice and Wrap skirt
Tara Starlet Shorts and tie top
Looking out the window at good old Blighty.... all I can say is bring on Summer!! 

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  1. Speaking of customs, one year my husband ordered me a Goldfrapp t-shirt from the UK and the US customs wouldn't clear it--for four months! Insanity!

    I really love the Whirling Turban dress and have thought about getting one for myself, if I can get over the price tag!