Monday, 28 February 2011

Ercol Furniture at John Lewis

Ercol for John Lewis, Dining Table £399, Chairs £179 each

I love mid-century furniture.  It seems its very on trend at the moment.  Ercol have designed a range of furniture exclusively for John Lewis, the Pilgrim range.  I love the dining room table and chairs, in oak.

Despite its very Scandinavian design Ercol is in fact a British company. 

"In 1920 a young designer called Lucian Ercolani started his own business in High Wycombe, the chairmaking capital of England. 

Here he perfected the technique of steam-bending wood in large quantities to form the famous Windsor Bow, and discovered how to 'tame' elm; a beautifully grained hardwood other furniture makers considered impossible to work with. " -source Ercol

Ercl for John Lewis, Dining Table in White

Ercol for John Lewis, Desk £950

Ercol for John Lewis, Love Seat £399
Ercol for John Lewis, Open Display Cabinet £999

Ercol for John Lewis, Love Seat £399

But I still love the vintage, Car Boot season starts soon, lets see if I can bag me a bargain before all the dealers beat me to it!  I just love this 50s Ercol Cloud nest tables.

Vintage Ercol, Cloud Nest of Tables

Vintage Ercol, Winsor Dining chairs, Plank Table
Vintage Ercol, Winsor Coffee table £30 in ebay! (bid so far)
I have got a very similar coffee table to that pictured above, it is unmarked so i don't know if it is or isn't Ercol.  I got it for £2 at the car boot fair last summer.  If it is Ercol it will need some serious restoration as its covered in claw scratches from the dog (as is our 1950s Nathan Side board, Bad Puppy!) Who wants to see a post about my house and my furniture?


  1. I love the photo of the love seat with the drapes and all the pillows. It's so wonderfully cheerful--I'd like to move into that house, please. :-)

  2. i love ercol - my gran had it all. i got one chair when she died - my sister got the dining table... i must save up. the white is so gorgeous

  3. "I love mid-century furniture. It seems its very on trend at the moment." - I agree. I also want to have one of that "Love Seat" posted above. I think it's perfect for my patio.

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